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The rise of the modern collaborative digital workplace means an increasing number of wireless, mobile and BYOD users on company and business networks. That’s why endpoint network security has become an important strategy for protecting business data assets, but there are a number of common misconceptions about it.Networking Security Specialist In NYC

Here are the five biggest security myths:

Myth #1 – “We’ve got antivirus so we’re good”

Don’t think just because you have an antivirus product installed on all your devices that you’re protected against malware of every kind. If the antivirus protection isn’t regularly updated, or you don’t do regular security scans, the latest iteration of malware can sneak in without you knowing. Same with periodic OS updates from each device’s manufacturer: you need to do them, but they can’t protect you against everything. Cyber-criminal methods quickly have become so sophisticated that a dense patchwork of antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls and intrusion detection won’t even slow them down.Networking Security Specialist In NYC

Myth #2 – “Endpoint security slows down workflow”

You may have heard that thorough endpoint security insurance instruments hinder work since they back off applications or intrude on individuals from carrying out their responsibilities. This fantasy presumably emerged because of the impact of awful usage of security instruments as opposed to any blame of the devices themselves. The best endpoint security apparatuses are explicitly

intended to give the fundamental degree of security without influencing the work process or client efficiency.

Myth #3 – “Some protection is better than none”

If you were concerned about a burglary, you wouldn’t lock your front door but fail to arm your home security system. We all know that layers of protection are more effective. A layered approach to endpoint security is also the best one, and ideally includes a number of different elements, like network perimeter security, strong user authorization policies, end-user education, data access monitoring and disaster recovery protocols.Networking Security Specialist In NYC

Myth #4 – “All our endpoints are covered”

Even if you diligently apply security patches and put up a good defense-in-depth, don’t assume you’ve got security covered. No company is ever hacker proof. Hackers work hard to find new ways to exploit software or human nature to get into an endpoint. And too many companies are not prepared for the consequences of a data breach. You should always assume a data breach will occur, and continuously monitor and strengthen your security posture.

Myth #5 – “We’re way too small of a target”

Huge corporations and big-name businesses that get hacked make the news most often, and so it can seem like only big companies are being targeted. Wrong. Cybercriminals actually seek out small businesses with ties to larger ones—in hopes of getting access to the larger companies. For example, in 2013, hackers breached a small HVAC service company and gained access to all the credit card data in a major retailer’s point-of-sale system.

Network Security is an important part of any business, large or small. Contact the professionals at NYC IT Tech for a free consultation on your network security.
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