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A Unified Approach to Threat Management. It’s not enough for organizations to just implement the right network security approach; they also have to implement solutions and policies that can constantly stay ahead of security threats as their network and business needs evolve. 

NYC IT Tech provides organizations in New York Tri-State Area with proven security solutions that defend against the ever-changing multitude of pervasive network threats. We offer advanced networking security NYC.

As communication becomes more mobile, Internet-based and collaborative network connectivity also creates numerous network security risks and business challenges. This includes the need to block increasingly sophisticated malware, prevent confidential data loss from within and ensure regulatory compliance. 

As a result, organizations must develop new capabilities for controlling the kinds of information traveling across their network, how that information is used, and who has access to it.

Our unified approach—including initial assessment, best-of-breed products, and business network security services— ensure the right protection is continually in place to address how each client does business. We offer professional security consulting by the experts at NYC IT Tech.

The main function of a firewall is to keep junk out of your network. The internet is a double edged sword, it can be a source of limitless information, but it can also bring about a plethora of problems. This service can help limit or prevent virus, spyware, and malware from infecting your computers. You also have the option to take control of how employees spend time on the internet.

 We can block out any sites you deem a distraction to your employees productivity. Set up VPN connections between multiple locations and give your employees the opportunity to share network data and resources. Adjustable load balancing can help you better manage the amount of available bandwidth provided by your internet suppliers. We are Certified Sonicwall security administrator and partners, and have extensive training and real world experience programming these devices.

We use lightweight programs to effectively clean out compromised pc’s and restore network integrity. These programs are 99.9 % effective at eliminating threats but do not slow down the speed of your PC.

The only effective policy for Threat elimination is user training and creating policies within the organizations that will eliminate any future compromises. Our employees will provide end user training and best practice when browsing the internet.

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Our Approach To Every Project



Examine and evaluate every project, problem or issue with highest level of expertise. 



Offer all possible solutions for the given project, problem or issue with all budget and time constraints.



Our team will pick and execute the best solution for given project, problem or issue on or under budget and time.

Solutions for all commercial and residential projects

Wide Range Services for Every Business Type

Looking for Advanced Network Security Services?

It can be a challenging task to mitigate the rising number of threats to IT security. Defend your company with NYC IT Tech’s advanced network security services. We offer full-scope solutions to ensure your data is safe. Our expert methods range from proactive vulnerability scanning to incident response and endpoint security. 

We address these network security issues by using smarter intelligence-driven security services in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, New York City, NY. Our smart services focus on optimizing resource efficiency and mitigating harm. To respond to these risks, our network security experts work promptly. 

We also provide our clients with emergency network security systems to help them in emergencies.

Our Firewall Network Security Services Are Tailored Made for Your Company

At NYC IT Tech, we will protect your corporation against internal and external cyber threats through our network firewall security service. Our network security technicians will manage your network security in a simplified way. In this way, we make sure our firewall network security services comply with standards and regulations.

IT Security Consulting Services for Optimal Solutions

NYC IT Tech provides IT security consulting services to ensure your company minimizes risk in an increasingly hostile information environment. Acting as one of the most trusted IT security consulting firms, we encourage our customers to plan, execute, and control successful cybersecurity arrangements that follow the business objectives.

Service Areas: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, New York City, NY

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