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Site Surveys in NYC

Free Site Surveys NYC are always given to qualified individuals to provide the customer with professional technical recommendations with no sales pressure.

Our FREE site surveys are designed to inspect and evaluate your current technology situation and requirements and provide future considerations you may not have thought of.

We want to understand your operation, the types of devices you use and connectivity requirements for the present and future. This way we have a strong understanding of your business and how we can accommodate any needs prior to a walk through.

Before getting too far with the site survey in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, New York City, NY, locate a set of building blueprints. If none are available, prepare a floor plan drawing that depicts the location of walls, walkways, etc. New construction or existing construction considerations must be established prior to inspection. We would not want to drill into a wall and destroy plumbing, electrical, etc. If no diagram is available, its best to sketch out general layout design of where specific equipment is to be located.

No two buildings are ever alike. Each building presents its own obstacles that we will evaluate and overcome to meet YOUR expectations and timelines.

Walk through the facility to verify the accuracy of the facility diagram. This is a good time to note any potential barriers that may affect every stage of the project. For example, excessive heat or cold, brick walls, steel panels, firewall, ceiling height for lift trucks, etc.

Safety on all construction sites for all employees is paramount for ensuring zero injuries throughout the course of the project. All OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations for any and all hazards are evaluated and strictly adhered to.

Our evaluation process will determine if various building or construction permits are necessary. We will work with you to ensure all proper permits are obtained quickly and before work begins.

Once you’re satisfied that the planned location of voice and data ports, we will identify all locations on the facility diagrams and recommended additional locations.

Site Surveys NYC

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Construction sites are inspected by the site surveyors to collect data for a design or an estimation. Until drawings are produced for every construction project, it is important to consider site conditions. For that purpose, NYC IT Tech offers site surveys that are critical to the success of the project. Our home building site survey team can work with your architect directly. This enables us to include the in-depth knowledge needed to begin planning. As a result, we are helping to ensure consistency in your designs and construction schedule. So, trust our vast experience in site surveys in the construction of commercial and residential projects. Call us now to make your construction project a success.

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