Moves, Adds and Changes in NYC

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Moves, Adds and Changes in NYC

Moves, Adds And Changes is Inevitable in Business. Let Us Help You

Change is inevitable in business and we can help with all your evolving needs. NYC IT Tech is your one source specialist for all of your MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) and repair work.

One Location or Multiple MAC Locations

We can install virtually any part of your infrastructure when YOU need it. Our skilled Master Technicians will be deployed to your site or sites to install, move or upgrade any part of your voice and data network. Our friendly dispatch coordinators will work with you to orchestrate multiple locations at once, recommend and supply equipment and ensure everything occurs one time, budgeted and exceeds industry required standards.

What is MAC Work?

Your PC, telephone, cable, server room – everything – is in place. But voice and data networks, just like businesses, change. Some departments expand; others shrink. People move from one office to another and you need new voice and data outlets, more bandwidth, or modifications is always needed. What was once a smooth-running network may become a little sluggish in some departments, other departments may need a complete overhaul.

We offer the best moves, add and changes service in NYC. Get in touch for more information.

Moves Adds and Changes in NYC

Our Approach To Every Project



Examine and evaluate every project, problem or issue with highest level of expertise. 



Offer all possible solutions for the given project, problem or issue with all budget and time constraints.



Our team will pick and execute the best solution for given project, problem or issue on or under budget and time.

Solutions for all commercial and residential projects

Wide Range Services for Every Business Type

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